Survivorship Group Activities

COSA Survivorship Group Strategic Plan

The Survivorship Group Strategic Plan sets forward directions for 2019-2021 (member content). This plan was developed following consultation with the Group membership and identifies a range of priorities that will help us work towards our objective of advancing care and research to improve outcomes for all Australians after cancer treatment. We are keen to hear from any members whose interests and expertise align with these activities and who would like to get involved. Please get in touch at

COSA Model of Survivorship Care

Over the past few years, a multi-disciplinary Working Group has been developing a document outlining the critical components of cancer survivorship care in Australia, including a model for cancer wellness. The project attempted to capture the elements of patient-centred care in a mixed healthcare system and to move the emphasis from an illness to wellness model of care.

Extensive consultation has occurred via:

The model was revised by the Working Group based on feedback received during these consultations, and the final version is available on the Survivorship Group Resources page.

The COSA Model of Survivorship Care is being widely promoted and the issues around implementation of the Model in Australia will be examined as a part of the future work of the COSA Survivorship Group, particularly by the Implementation of Survivorship Care Working Group.

Cancer Survivorship Conferences 

These national conferences are a partnership between the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer and COSA:

Cancer Survivorship 2019 
Future of Cancer Survivorship: Evolution or Revolution 
28-29 March
Sydney, New South Wales

Cancer Survivorship 2017 
Pathways to Better Policy and Practice 
2-3 February 
Adelaide, South Australia 

Click here for 2017 program and presentations*
* Not all presentations are available.