• THEME Solidarity in Survivorship: Bringing Us Together
  • LOCATION Adelaide, SA
  • DATE 9-10 March 2023

Cancer Survivorship Conference

COSA and Flinders University were thrilled to launch the sixth national Cancer Survivorship Conference.

Conference Convenor, Professor Bogda Koczwara, along with the Program Committee created an exciting program that showcased innovation in survivorship care, research and policy. With the theme Solidarity in survivorship: Bringing us together, we aimed to highlight the strength we find in each other – whether as health professionals or cancer survivors or both.

We hope the conference encouraged collaborations and engagement among clinicians, researchers, policymakers, and consumers.

  • THEME Life after cancer: redefined, reimagined and rebuilt
  • LOCATION Online
  • DATE 18-19 March 2021

Cancer Survivorship

The 5th national Cancer Survivorship Conference was a fully virtual meeting. It was a collaborative forum showcasing innovation in survivorship care, research and policy, and engaging clinicians, researchers, policy-makers and consumers in insightful, bold and collegial conversations about life after cancer diagnosis. 

View 2021 presentations (available to conference delegates for 12 months)

  • THEME Future of cancer survivorship: Evolution or revolution?
  • LOCATION Rydges World Square, NSW
  • DATE 28-19 March 2019

Cancer Survivorship

In 2019 we hoped to be thought provoking and a bit provocative as well! That’s why we focused on the theme of “Future of cancer survivorship: Evolution or revolution?” The last 20 years have witnessed a significant evolution of the field of survivorship. But is it enough? Are there aspects where a revolution is in the making? We recognise of course that revolutions are not usually designed – they are often spontaneous, arising in response to pressing, challenges that cannot be solved in a traditional way – but aren’t these just the challenges that cancer survivors grapple with?

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  • THEME Cancer Survivorship 2017: Pathways to better policy and practice
  • LOCATION Adelaide Convention Centre, SA
  • DATE 2-3 February 2017

Cancer Survivorship

The theme this year focused on how to translate the growing evidence into day to day applications. We explored diverse perspectives from Australia, UK, US and countries of our region to identify how collaboratively we can accelerate progress, share learnings and promote best practice. We explored stories from survivors themselves, and asked some challenging questions like ‘what is survivorship like if it is not life after cancer, but life with cancer?’ And in the spirit of translating knowledge into practice, we not only listened and noted but also reflected, engaged and experienced what practice of good survivorship is all about.

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