• FOUNDED 2012


COSA members formed the cancer survivorship group in November 2012 in recognition of the growing importance of survivorship care of people diagnosed with cancer. Our multidisciplinary Group provides a platform for the discussion and ongoing development of survivorship care in Australia. We recognise that quality survivorship care is essential to supporting the well-being of people diagnosed with cancer and their families.

The overarching aim of the COSA Survivorship Group is to advance care and research to improve outcomes for all Australians after cancer treatment.

Survivorship Group objectives include:

  • Represent the needs of the broad range of health professionals involved in delivering care for cancer survivors
  • Provide a forum for education, discussion and exchange of information between health professionals involved in cancer survivorship care
  • Foster research in cancer survivorship
  • Promote and advocate for improved survivorship services and access to care for all Australians living with and beyond cancer
  • Engage stakeholders in the area of cancer survivorship care to ensure a coordinated, national approach to survivorship care in Australia and to facilitate policy development to inform such care

Group information

Our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan identifies a range of priorities to help us work towards our objective of advancing care and research to improve outcomes for all Australians after cancer treatment. Our 2019-2021 achievements are summarised here.

Terms of Reference - Council approved 6 August 2021

The Fellows received mentorship, guidance and support from the Survivorship Executive Committee, which comprises internationally renowned senior clinicians and researchers in cancer survivorship. Each project will help advance survivorship research and improve outcomes for all Australians after cancer treatment.

Read more about the Survivorship Group's three fellows:

  1. Fiona Crawford-Williams
  2. Carolyn Mazariego
  3. Julia Morris

Group Chair

Group Chair Image
Group Chair

Ray Chan

Survivorship Group Chair

Executive Committee

  • Nicolas Hart

    Deputy Chair