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The Geriatric Oncology Group is aiming to publish this newsletter twice yearly. Contributions are welcome from any members with an interest in geriatric oncology who would like to share their research, publications or initiatives with colleagues. Please contact cosa@cancer.org.au

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Video recordings from the Coming of Age: Hot topics in senior oncology session are available here (member-only content)

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OlderCan was developed with and for older Australians affected by a diagnosis of cancer. The OlderCan resources provide advice and support to help older adults make decisons about treatment and care, and to make sure that their GP and cancer team are aware of information that is important to an older person with cancer.

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Cancer in older people: a tale of two disciplines 
Management of cancer in the elderly presents an unprecedented challenge in Australia with the proportion of the population aged over 65 years set to double over the next four decades.

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