Ashleigh Moore Award

We are pleased to announce Cancer Voices SA as the 2021 recipient of the Ashleigh Moore Award.

In recognition of the award Julie Marker, past Chair of Cancer Voices SA will deliver an oration “Survivors and leadership reimagined: Cancer Voices SA" including a tribute to the advocacy role of Chris Christensen.

The Ashleigh Moore Keynote Address will be delivered at the 2021 Cancer Survivorship Conference in Adelaide at 12:45pm, Thursday 18 March 2021. 

About Cancer Voices SA

Cancer Voices SA makes an outstanding contribution to the care of cancer survivors through diverse and innovative contributions to clinical practice improvement, research, policy and by advocating for cancer survivors’ perspectives to be incorporated in an ongoing co-design manner. Chris Christensen led Cancer Voices SA as Chair of the organisation from 2017 until her recent passing in November 2020 and we would like to pay tribute to her contributions. Organisations are more than individual leaders. The sustainability and capacity for maximising consumer involvement across the spectrum of treatment and care, in all aspects of research, policy, and practice is still a work in progress. The work of Cancer Voices SA over more than 10 years of advocacy and action, including the influential role of Chris Christensen in more recent times will be highlighted – illustrating roles as change agents, policy influencers, community mobiliser, co-designers, research collaborators, educators, and experts by experience.

Chris Christensen (left) and Julie Marker (right) at the 2019 COSA ASM

About the award

In memory of Ashleigh Moore, the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer established the Ashleigh Moore Award which recognises an individual or organisation in Australia who has made an outstanding contribution to the care of cancer survivors through contribution to clinical practice, research, policy, and/or advocacy affecting cancer survivors.

The Award is presented biennially at the Cancer Survivorship Conference where the recipient delivers the Ashleigh Moore Oration.

Award recipients


Cancer Voices SA


Richard Cohn


John Stubbs


Sally Crossing AM

About Ashleigh Moore OAM


Many people get cancer, but few have raised a voice for people affected by cancer in such diverse, effective and innovative ways as Ashleigh Moore OAM.


Sadly, Ashleigh passed away in February 2014, aged 56 years, after a battle with stage 4 Head and Neck cancer in 2005, then advanced stage 3 lung cancer from 2010. What Ashleigh chose to make from these harrowing experiences is what truly sets him apart. He became an inspiring pioneer in cancer advocacy, blazing a trail at the state, national and international level.

Ashleigh was an acclaimed speaker representing Australian cancer survivors at international events including the inaugural LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit (Ireland 2009), the Go Public Global Cancer Leadership Forum (Canada, 2009), and the Australian Lung Cancer Conference (2012). On the international stage he vowed “I want the next generation to never have to face the brutality, fear and uncertainty I suffered through the course of my cancer treatment. I want to make a difference”.


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