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Communique for the permanent re-instatement of telehealth phone consultations

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Supporting Cancer Survivors Address Fatigue and Weight Problems - Resource List


COSA Exercise & Cancer Group submission to the Australian Cancer Plan


COSA general submission to the Australian Cancer Plan

The Australian Cancer Plan will be a 10-year plan for national action, with 2-, 5- and 10-year priorities and goals.

Annual Report

COSA Annual Report 2021


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eviQ provides protocols and guidelines for Indication for Genetic Testing and the Management of Familiar Cancer Syndromes

Position Statement

Exercise in Cancer Care

The Exercise in Cancer Care position statement endorses evidence-based guidelines and applies them to the Australian setting. The statement is intended to provide guidance to all members of the multidisciplinary cancer team and calls for exercise to be viewed as an adjunct therapy and incorporated into routine cancer care.  

This position statement was launched in May 2018. It was updated in December 2020 to include greater emphasis on the triad recommendation of “Discuss, Recommend and Refer”, less prescriptive language and new images to illustrate exercise in a variety of settings.

Group Chair

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Group Chair

David Mizrahi

Exercise & Cancer Group Chair