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The Exercise and Cancer Group is committed to progressing a national approach to the implementation of exercise in cancer care. The vision of the Group is enhanced supportive care practice and policy leading to improved outcomes for patients through affordable, accessible and effective exercise medicine. The overarching aim of the COSA Exercise and Cancer Group is to have exercise incorporated as a standard component of care for people with cancer.

The Group’s primary objectives are to:

  • Promote and progress a national approach to the implementation of evidence-based exercise in cancer care
  • Foster and facilitate effective research, education and advocacy of the role of exercise in cancer care
  • Engage stakeholders and collaborate with partners to improve the quality of, and access to, exercise in cancer care
  • Provide a multidisciplinary forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge and experiences related to exercise in cancer care

Group information

[Chair] Dr David Mizrahi, Daffodil Centre, The University of Sydney

[Deputy Chair] Dr Tina Skinner, UQ

Dr Diana Adams, Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre

Dr Lara Edbrooke, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

A/Prof Steve Fraser, Deakin University

Prof Robert Newton, Edith Cowan University

Mrs Elizabeth Pinkham, Queensland Health

Dr Lina Pugliano, Cancer Fit Australia

Dr Kellie Toohey, University of Canberra

The Executive Committees of COSA’s Nutrition and Exercise Groups are excited to announce the inaugural COSA Nutrition-Exercise Fellowships. The two Executive committees are calling for expressions of interest from early-career researchers for two positions to take a coordination and leading role in a research study that aims to establish a detailed map of the nutrition and exercise services available in cancer centres in Australia, including whether availability differs across cancer diagnoses, treatment modalities and stage of treatment.

The two successful applicants will receive mentorship, guidance and support from members of the two Executive Committees, which comprises internationally renowned, senior clinicians and researchers in nutrition and exercise within oncology. The time commitment for this project is estimated to be 4 hours a week for approximately 12 months but may fluctuate depending on the stage of the project. This role is voluntary in nature and will not receive financial reimbursement. If successful and not already a COSA member, the applicant would be expected to join COSA and become a member of the Nutrition and/or Exercise Groups.

Download the application form here

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Group Chair

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Group Chair

David Mizrahi

Exercise & Cancer Group Chair