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The purpose of the Epi-News is to share with members research and progress being made in cancer epidemiology. The newsletter is published every three months and members are encouraged to get involved and contribute to help increase awareness and interest in cancer epidemiology. 
August 2021
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September 2018 

National Cancer Registries 
National Cancer Statistics Clearing House 
Australian Mesothelioma Registry 
Australian Paediatric Cancer Registry

State Cancer Registries 
NSW Central Cancer Registry 
NSW Clinical Cancer Registry 
Queensland Cancer Registry 
South Australian Cancer Registry 
Tasmanian Cancer Registry 
Victorian Cancer Registry 
Western Australian Cancer Registry

Familial Cancer Registries 
Hereditary Cancer Registry (NSW/ACT) 
Victorian Family Cancer Register

Other Registries 
NSW Pap Test Register 
BreastScreen NSW

Websites of interest 
International Association of Cancer Registries 
Australasian Association of Cancer Registries 
Cancer Epidemiology Centre