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The Epidemiology Group provides a national forum for COSA members to exchange news and views on advances in cancer epidemiology. The Group also seeks to further the professional development of its members and to encourage young scientists to enter the discipline.

The Epidemiology Group is comprised of epidemiologists, researchers, clinicians, clinical support staff, service delivery staff and policy makers who have an interest in the impact of cancer on the population.

Epidemiology is well represented throughout the COSA membership and our Affiliated Organisations, therefore the COSA Epidemiology Group is not currently undertaking any specific COSA projects.

Group information

[Chair] Dr Ashley Hopkins, Flinders University, SA

Dr Haitham Tuffaha, Centre for Business & Economics of Health, UQ, QLD

Dr Harindra Jayasekara, Cancer Council Victoria, VIC

Mr Natansh Modi (HDR Student rep), Flinders University, SA

Dr Amelia Smit, The University of Sydney, NSW

Read the 2022 Epi-News, sent in August 2022 by the Group's newly appointed Chair, Dr Ashley Hopkins.

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Group Chair

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Group Chair

Ashley Hopkins

Epidemiology Group Chair