• FOUNDED 2021


The COSA Global Oncology Group was established in response to rising cancer incidence globally with 70% of new diagnoses expected to occur in low and middle income countries (LMICs), with a corresponding need for access to cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment.

This Group aims to promote global oncology in the Asia Pacific region with stakeholders in Australia and New Zealand through these themes:


  • Increase educational partnerships within the APAC region through in-country training, twinning partnerships and observerships
  • Engage and train ANZ clinicians in global oncology


  • Increase research capacity in LMICs through regional collaboration
  • Promote high quality research in global oncology within ANZ


  • Leverage funding from professional institutions, government, industry, not-for-profit organisations and hospitals
  • Engage members in global cancer policy and advocacy


  • Support and promote institutional collaborations between ANZ and APAC LMICs through partnerships between clinical and research institutions
  • Foster collaboration in global cancer care among COSA members
  • Collaboration in grant applications for global oncology projects
  • Working with international partners who have members active in this area


Group Chair

Group Chair Image
Group Chair

Desmond Yip

Global Oncology Group Chair