Members of the Clinical Trials and Research Professionals Group (CTRPG) are professionals involved in clinical cancer research involved in the collection and management of oncology data. Membership is open, but not limited to, clinical trial coordinators, investigators and research nurses, clinical trial managers, data managers, clinical research associates and health information managers who support clinical cancer research.

The CTRPG is committed to achieving and promoting excellence in clinical cancer research by supporting research professionals through education, information, leadership, and by providing networking opportunities.

In alliance with the interests and objectives of COSA, the CTRPG aims to:

  • promote and maintain the quality standards of clinical trial coordination in oncology research in Australia and New Zealand;
  • respond to the dynamic needs of members by providing continuing education;
  • provide a forum for discussion and exchange of experiences and information;
  • strengthen relationships across professional disciplines and with cooperative oncology groups; and
  • foster research within the scope of clinical trials management.

The agreed objectives of the CTRPG are documented in Terms of Reference (pdf) approved by COSA Council. The terms of reference include the establishment of an Executive Committee to maintain a strategic focus for the Group.

All members of the CTRPG Executive are committed to ensuring that our Group continues to be relevant to our membership and fosters research within the scope of clinical trials management.

Executive Committee

Chair: Mr Adam Stoneley (Icon Cancer Foundation, QLD)
Deputy Chair: Ms Dianne Lindsay (Consultancy, NSW) 
Secretary: Mrs Annette Dempsey (TROG, NSW)
Members: Ms Alison Richards (Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, SA)
  Ms Joanne Benhamu (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC)
  Ms Krystyne Hiscock (Affinity Clinical Research Services, WA)
  Ms Natasha Roberts (Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, QLD)

Members of the CTRPG Executive Committee listed above welcome your feedback, comments and ideas.

The committee meets monthly by teleconference.