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Communique for the permanent re-instatement of telehealth phone consultations

Endorsed Resources

Breast Cancer Trials

Breast Cancer Trials (BCT) is the largest independent, oncology clinical trials research group in Australia and New Zealand. BCT conducts an independent, collaborative breast cancer clinical trials research program to save lives from breast cancer.


COSA general submission to the Australian Cancer Plan

The Australian Cancer Plan will be a 10-year plan for national action, with 2-, 5- and 10-year priorities and goals.

Annual Report

COSA Annual Report 2021


Endorsed Resources


eviQ provides protocols and guidelines for Indication for Genetic Testing and the Management of Familiar Cancer Syndromes

Position Statement

Smoking Cessation in Cancer Patients

This position statement delineates how smoking cessation care may be provided and implemented by oncology multidisciplinary teams within the Australian healthcare system. It aims to be a practical, evidence-based resource for oncology health services and health professionals working with cancer patients.

Endorsed Resources

The Australian Digital Health in Cancer Care Roadmap

The Australian Digital Health in Cancer Care Roadmap (published November 2019)
This Roadmap is intended to identify priorities for the development, implementation and use of digital health technologies in cancer care in Australia so that health systems can respond to priority needs identified that reflect best evidence and consumer and other stakeholder input. The Roadmap has been endorsed by COSA and other organisations listed on page 2.

Group Chair

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Group Chair

Adam Stoneley

Clinical Trials & Research Professionals Group Chair