Position Statement 
The COSA Cancer Care Coordinator Position Statement outlines COSA’s position on the role of cancer care coordinators and provides guidance for consumers, health professionals, health service managers and funders on the effective integration of these roles into cancer care delivery.

Cancer Care Coordination Conference Reports 2010, 2012 & 2014 
Care Coordination Outcome Measures Literature Review Meeting Report 2011 (pdf, 752kb) 
Survey of Cancer Care Coordinators 2009 (pdf, 114kb) 
Cancer Care Coordination Workshop Reports 2006, 2007 & 2009 
Selected presentations from the 2014 Conference (member content)

Connecting cancer care using digital tools - 3 July 2019 (mp4,60.6 mb) (member content)
- An overview of digital solutions in cancer care - Haryana Dhillon (pdf, 1.29 mb)
- Experiences with using digital solutions - Colette Cole (pdf, 670 kb)
- Webinar Q&A (pdf, 170 kb)

How to bring the ‘out-of-sight, in-to-sight’: The significant impact of cancer on the family – what can we do about it? - 8 August 2017 (member content)

Care, Complexity & Clarity - 26 July 2016  (mp4, 38.8 mb) (member content)
* COSA members may access the webinar recording and slides but should note that the version of the complexity index presented is not the final version 
Webinar Q&ACare, Complexity & Clarity – 26 July 2016  (pdf, 281kb)

The Coordinator e-Newsletter 
Group members are encouraged to share information on their research, projects, events and publications for inclusion in future editions to cosa@cancer.org.au.  

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