The Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program (SFRCP)

  • GROUP Rare Cancers
  • DATE 02/05/2022

The Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program (SFRCP)

The Walter Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) of Medical Research Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program is a basic and translational research program for all rare cancers.

More information

It is based at the WEHI and is accessible through participating tertiary hospitals or via the ARC Portal. The SFRCP has internal research projects but can also help to facilitate external rare cancer research with access to clinically annotated rare cancer biospecimens.

Examples of projects supported by the SFRCP include:

  • Identification of novel drivers in patients with multiple rare cancers
  • Next generation sequencing of rare gynaecological malignancies
  • Understanding the distinct biology of gynaecological carcinosarcomas
  • Immunology and genomics of rare cancer super-responders
  • Novel therapies for high grade serous endometrial carcinomas
  • Uterine Leiomyosarcoma – genomics, pre-clinical models and therapeutics
  • Studies into ovarian sex-cord stromal tumours