The Australian Rare Cancer (ARC) Portal

  • GROUP Rare Cancers
  • DATE 02/05/2022

The Australian Rare Cancer (ARC) Portal

The ARC Portal is a program under the AGCMC and supported by BioGrid Australia.

The Portal

It provides centralised (online) support for clinicians of patients including:

  • Access to rare cancer guidelines or evidence
  • Advice, in person or tele-consultations with national rare cancer experts
  • Molecular testing advice (including via AGCMC/MoST) or help with interpretation of existing reports.

The ARC Portal also allows Australian patients with rare cancers to enrol into the Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program to allow their deidentified clinical data (and optionally biospecimens) to be used for research. All Australian researchers can access these resources for approved projects. By providing patients broader access to research we will accelerate our understanding of individual rare cancers and improved the feasibility of performing rare cancer research in Australia.

The ARC Portal can be found at: