Survivorship Research Fellow

  • GROUP Survivorship
  • DATE 23/01/2023

Julia Morris

COSA established its Survivorship Research Fellowship program in 2020, and appointed three early career researchers to lead research studies that would help build capacity in survivorship research. The Fellows received mentorship, guidance and support from the Survivorship Executive Committee, which comprises internationally renowned senior clinicians and researchers in cancer survivorship. Each project will help advance survivorship research and improve outcomes for all Australians after cancer treatment.

The Project

Current landscape of cancer survivorship research in Australia

Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Oncology. 19 January 2023

This study aimed to map Australian cancer survivorship research activities to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement and compare activities against identified survivorship research priorities. 

It provides the first snapshot of Australian survivorship research activity. Comparison to established priorities demonstrates health services research is receiving attention and highlights areas for potential pursuits, such as rare cancers or multimorbidity. Findings indicate the need for improved funding and infrastructure to support researchers in advancing the survivorship research agenda.