Geriatric Oncology Group Guideline Development

  • GROUP Geriatric Oncology
  • DATE 16/05/2022


The Geriatric Oncology Guideline Development Working Group is developing guidelines/practice points to help improve the clinical management of older adults with cancer in Australia.

Details on this project

These guidelines will aim to provide Australian health professionals with access to an overview of recommended practices to optimise older adults cancer care experiences and outcomes. They will focus on the practices required to ensure that older people newly diagnosed with cancer have access to optimal cancer care, experience minimal side-effects and that they and their carers have access to the care and support that they require to optimise their cancer treatment.

The working group is drawing upon the skills, interests and expertise of a broad range of interdisciplinary clinicians from across Australia. Guidelines in progress include screening older adults for geriatric assessment, and guidelines for referring older adults with cancer for systemic anti-cancer therapy, surgery, and radiotherapy. If you would like to get involved and provide clinical input to this work or contribute to a paper, please get in touch.

The GO Guideline Working Group has finished drafting the guideline for screening older adults for geriatric assessment, and this work been published in JAMA Oncology

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