Geriatric Oncology Group Webinar Series

  • GROUP Geriatric Oncology
  • DATE 11/10/2022


COSA's Geriatric Oncology Group is proud to collaborate with CNSA's Cancer in the Older Person Specialist Practice Network to deliver a geriatric oncology-focused webinar series.

Details on this project

Webinars are led by recognised leaders in geriatric oncology whose expertise will increase knowledge and provide practical guidance to enhance the critical skills required to advance care and improve outcomes for older adults affected by cancer.

The webinars are free to view for COSA and CNSA members and each webinar is recognised as providing one hour of continuing professional development (CPD). COSA members will need to log in to view.

24 October 2023 Optimising Care for the Older Patient with Cancer Receiving Radiotherapy
30 May 2023 Falls, ageing and cancer
11 October 2022 Cancer care in the older person – ethical dilemmas
20 September 2022 Cognition and delirium for older adults with cancer
30 August 2022 Models of care to support older people with cancer
26 October 2021 Older persons with cancer: Optimising medicine
19 October 2021 Older persons with cancer: Immunotherapy in older adults
14 September 2021 Older persons with cancer: The Older and Wiser study
24 August 2021 Screening & assessment: Screening tools and identifying frailty in older adults
10 August 2021 The value of the multidisciplinary team in caring for the older person with cancer


The COSA Geriatric Oncology Group also led the Ageism in Cancer Care Forum:

22 November 2022 Ageism in Cancer Care - evening 1
29 November 2022 Ageism in Cancer Care - evening 2

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