COSA Survivorship Research Fellow

  • GROUP Survivorship
  • DATE 01/01/2020

Carolyn Mazariego

COSA established its Survivorship Research Fellowship program in 2020, and appointed three early career researchers to lead research studies that would help build capacity in survivorship research. The Fellows received mentorship, guidance and support from the Survivorship Executive Committee, which comprises internationally renowned senior clinicians and researchers in cancer survivorship. Each project will help advance survivorship research and improve outcomes for all Australians after cancer treatment.

The Project

Priority recommendations for the implementation of patient-reported outcomes in clinical cancer care: A Delphi study Journal of Cancer Survivorship 2022

The aim of this study was to develop priority recommendations for the service level implementation of patient reported outcomes (PROs) into clinical cancer care.

Development of draft guidance statements was informed by a literature review, the Knowledge to Action (KTA) implementation framework, and discussion with PRO experts and cancer survivors. A two-round modified Delphi survey with key stakeholders including cancer survivors, clinical and research experts, and Information Technology specialists was undertaken. Round 1 rated the importance of the statements and round 2 ranked statements in order of priority.

Round 1 was completed by 70 participants with Round 2 completed by 45 participants. Forty-seven statements were rated in Round 2. In Round 1, highest agreement items (>90% agreement) included those that focused on the formation of strong stakeholder partnerships, ensuring ongoing communication within these partnerships, and the use of PROs for improvement and guidance in clinical care. Items ranked as the highest priorities in Round 2 included assessment of current staff capabilities and service requirements, mapping of workflows and processes to enable collection, and using collected PROs to guide improved health outcomes.

This stakeholder consultation process has identified key priorities in PRO implementation into clinical cancer care that include: clinical relevance, stakeholder engagement, communication, and integration within the existing processes and capabilities.

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Top 5 most highly prioritised statements within each Knowledge To Action domain to consider when attempting to implement PROs into routine clinical cancer care practice

“In order to facilitate the routine collection of PROs within a health service, the health service should…”

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