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Dist. date Topic Members surveyed Statement of Results (if available)

14-Sep-20 Psychosocial Evaluation and Assessment of Cancer communities and Healthcare workers during COVID-19 (PEACH C19)

All COSA members  
04-Sep-20 A questionnaire of researchers and/or health professionals to elicit attitudes towards data sharing in cancer in Australia and New Zealand

Breast, Prostate & Melanoma Groups  
28-Aug-20 Cancer-Related Survivorship Care Plan Survey for Healthcare Professionals

All COSA members  
16-Jul-20 Stakeholder experiences of cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic

All COSA members  
10-Jul-20 Barriers and Enablers to Implementing Telehealth Consultations in Psycho-oncology during the COVID-19 Pandemic: lessons for future implementation

Psycho-oncology Group members, Psycho-oncologists & Social Workers only  
06-Jul-20 Defining research priorities and needs in Cancer Symptoms for Adults who are living with or have had cancer

All COSA members Undergoing data analysis
Round 2 survey in preparation

Breast cancer patients' fertility and menopause related information needs

Med Onc & Surgeons  
18-May-20 Implementation factors for integrating gene panel testing for colorectal and endometrial cancer into current oncology practice

Familial Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer, Gynaecological Cancer; Advanced Trainee, Geneticist, Medical Oncologist, Nurse, Surgeon

11-May-20 Cancer Service Delivery During COVID-19 Pandemic: A survey of Clinicians

Advanced Trainee, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Surgeon

28-Apr-20 Supportive care interventions for colorectal cancer patients: exploration of stakeholder opinion and current practices

Nurse, Radiation Therapist, Nutritionist/Dietitian, Psycho-oncologist, Social worker, Medical oncologist, Palliative care physician, Radiation oncologist, Surgeon

24-Apr-20 MASCC2: Implementation of clinical physical activity guidelines in cancer care

All COSA members  
20-Apr-20 Genetic literacy and communication skills

All COSA members  
20-Nov-19 Addressing the barriers and facilitators of advance care planning for people with cancer: An investigation of perspectives of people with cancer, their support people and health professionals

All COSA members Awaiting publication
12-Nov-19 Fitness testing and attitudes towards physical activity of delegates at COSA conference, November 2019 (HC17201)

All COSA members Awaiting publication
01-Oct-19 How Cancer Health Care Professionals (CHCP) Assess and Manage Anxiety in Patients

All COSA members Anxiety in Patients survey report (pdf)
25-Sep-19 Understanding Health Professionals’ Attitudes and Knowledge of Polygenic Risk Testing for Cancer: A Cross-Sectional Survey

All COSA members Undergoing data analysis
26-Jun-19 Cancer Care Coordination in Australia: A survey of Health Professionals in Cancer Care

All COSA members Cancer Care Coordination Survey result summary (pdf)
18-Jun-19 Understanding the delivery of medicinal cannabis in Australia using the theoretical domains framework

Med Onc, Nurse, Pall Care Phys, Rad Onc, Surgeon, Psycho Onc, Parmacist Medicinal cannabis survey report (pdf)
06-Jun-19 Survey of Attitudes of Australian Specialists to Lung Cancer Screening with Low Dose Computed Tomography

Ad. Trainees; Clinical Res. Prof; Med Onc; Pall Care Phys; Rad Onc; Surgeons Lung cancer survey report (pdf)
31-May-19 Understanding and addressing the training needs of clinicians to improve end-of-life care for adolescents and young adults with cancer AYA; Breast; Care Coordination; Familial; GI; Gynae; Integrative; Lung; Melanoma; NETs; Neuro; Paeds; Pallitive Care; Psycho Onc; Rad Onc; Rare; R&R; Surg Onc

“The research team extend their thanks to COSA for disseminating our survey, and to our participants for their time in completing it. We had 71 Australian multidisciplinary healthcare professionals participate (out of a total of 105 from Australia and New Zealand, with recruitment ongoing in the United Kingdom). The survey aimed to investigate how end-of-life care and communication is currently being delivered for adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer in Australia, and forms part of a global research effort to determine the current standard of care for AYAs with cancer. Analysis is underway, and we will update the COSA membership when data is published.”

28-May-19 Assessing the real life impact of clinical trials

GI members; Ad Trainees; Med Onc; Rad Onc Poster abstract
23-May-19 Experiences of health care professionals dealing with cancer anorexia cachexia syndrome (CACS) (ETH18-2870)

All COSA members Awaiting publication
14-Feb-19 Exceptional Responders to cancer treatment All COSA members Survey designed to promote participation in
ongoing program