Allied health providing cancer survivorship care (25 May 2021)  member content

The Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre (ACSC), Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA), Cancer Nurses Society of Australia (CNSA) and Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) presented the webinar Allied health providing cancer survivorship care  a facilitated panel discussion bringing together experts to provide insight on the context, challenges and opportunities on cancer survivorship care in the rural or regional setting to:

  • explore common unmet needs of regional or rural cancer survivors
  • assist allied health professionals to identify and effectively manage these needs through evidence based tools and support
  • discuss optimal care and communication of healthcare professionals when patients transfer between metropolitan cancer centres and rural and regional areas.

This webinar is targeted at allied health professionals who work in a rural or regional setting or interact with cancer survivors who move between metropolitan and rural or regional healthcare services

The panel discussion was facilitated by Dr Rob Zielinski, Chair of the COSA Regional and Rural Group and a Medical Oncologist from Orange, NSW. He was joined by the following expert panellists, who work and practice predominantly in regional and rural settings:

  • Dr Craig Underhill, Medical Oncologist, VIC
  • Peggy Briggs, Nurse, WA
  • Kim Hobbs, Social Worker, NSW
  • Jenni Bourke, Occupational Therapist, VIC
  • Dr Kate Gunn, Clinical Psychologist, SA
  • Kerry, cancer survivor, SA

Merkel Cell Carcinoma (MCC) (10 May 2018) 

This symposium was chaired by Professor Gerald Fogarty and supported by presentations from a number of Australian-based, multidisciplinary experts on MCC.