The Neuroendocrine Tumours Group is concerned with the management of neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). NETs are composed of neuroendocrine cells that produce and secrete regulatory hormones and are present throughout the nervous and endocrine systems. NETs can occur at many sites in the body, but they are most common in the digestive system.

NETs are uncommon tumours that have many unusual features. This makes optimal and standardised management a challenge. Limited access to emerging protocols and treatments adds to the challenge for health professionals treating NETs patients.

COSA has coordinated a number of workshops to discuss the management of NETs in Australia. From these workshops, the Group identified a number of objectives including:

  • Development of Australian guidelines for NETs management
  • Development of a national NETs database and tumour registry
  • Development of NETs specific clinical trials
  • Facilitating the formation of state-based cross-institutional NETs multidisciplinary networks

Executive Committee

Chair: Dr David Chan (Royal North Shore Hospital, NSW)
Members:  Dr Gabby Cehic (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, SA)
  Ms Erin Laing (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC)
  A/Prof Michael Michael (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, VIC)
  Prof Tim Price (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, SA)
  Ms Kate Wakelin (Unicorn Foundation, VIC)
  A/Prof David Wyld (Royal Brisbane Hospital, QLD)

AGM Minutes 
22 November 2021
23 November 2020