• FOUNDED 2013


COSA members formed the Integrative Oncology Group to respond to a broad range of issues associated with use of complementary and integrative therapies in Australia. These include the need for information, guidelines for practice, specific issues in oncology and management of unconventional treatments.

Key group objectives include:

  • Provide a voice for COSA members interested or engaged in the provision of evidence based complementary and integrative therapies in cancer care
  • Advocate for equity of access for all Australians with cancer and their carers to integrative oncology
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration to promote integrative models of care
  • Raise awareness of the contribution of integrative oncology in improving cancer outcomes
  • Advocate for improved standards in professional development and resources related to integrative oncology
  • Advocate for research into integrative oncology
  • Provide educational opportunities for health professionals related to integrative oncology

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Group Chair

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Group Chair

Judith Lacey

Integrative Oncology Group Chair