AYA Research Agenda Workshop

  • GROUP Adolescent & Young Adult
  • DATE 01/05/2015

AYA Research Agenda Workshop

This workshop was held by the COSA AYA Executive Committee to examine and develop a strategic plan of action to address four specific areas affecting AYA research in Australia.

Details on this project

The COSA AYA Executive Committee held an initial workshop in March 2014 to develop a national AYA research strategy. Representation at this workshop included COSA, Cancer Australia, Canteen, Australian Association of Adolescent Health, and eight of the Cancer Cooperative Trials Groups (CCTGs).

A second AYA research strategy workshop was held in May 2015 to address four specific areas of focus derived from discussions held during the initial workshop brainstorming session which centred around nontherapy issues affecting AYA research. The four main areas addressed were:

  • Lowering the age of eligibility
  • Collaborative opportunities for AYA clinical trial development and access
  • A virtual national tumour bank
  • A national clinical trials app

The overall purpose of the workshop was to provide an opportunity to examine these four areas in depth and develop a strategic plan of action to address the issues in these areas which form significant barriers to AYA research in Australia.

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