Tobacco: Sneaky vaping devices disguised as pens

01 Mar 2021 - Alcohol & Tobacco

A southside high school has taken tough action and suspended a group of students for using sneaky vaping devices that look like highlighter pens. Beenleigh State High School principal Matt O’Hanlon, who was crowned last year’s Queensland Principal of the Year, said the students were suspended this week for using the devices, which look like highlighter pens or biros and come in flavours such as Red Bull, bubble gum and blueberry. Mr O’ Hanlon said the devices were targeting school students and were being sold in “known” shops near the Beenleigh school. He said teachers were unable to differentiate some of the devices, which looked similar to pens and left no smell of tobacco even though they contained nicotine.

Sunday Mail Brisbane; 28/02/2021; page 25​