Tobacco: Kids poisoned by e-cigs

29 Mar 2021 - Alcohol & Tobacco

At least 17 children aged five and under have been exposed to dangerous levels of nicotine in e-cigarettes or vaping liquids – almost all requiring hospitalisation – over the past three years, new figures reveal. Data obtained by The Advertiser from the Poisons Information Advisory Service shows there have been 41 poisonings directly related to e-cigarettes between 2018 and 2020. But SA Health warns the figure may be much higher. Lung Foundation chief executive officer Mark Brooke said it was “significant cause for alarm” that 16 of the 17 children aged under five required a hospital visit while one of those was hospitalised suffering severe vomiting and seizures. “Our great worry is that we just have zero confidence in both the manufacture and the contents of liquids for e-cigarettes and vaping materials,” he said.

Adelaide Advertiser; 29/03/2021; Page 1