Tobacco: Big Tobacco’s latest smokescreen – nicotine isn’t that bad for you

08 Mar 2021 - Alcohol & Tobacco

Marlboro cigarettes maker Altria Group wants to enlist an unlikely partner in convincing consumers that nicotine isn’t as bad as they think – its regulator. The company asked the US Food and Drug Administration to tackle misperceptions about nicotine as part of a proposed $US100 million advertising campaign to reduce the harm caused by tobacco. That could be difficult with about three-fourths of US adults incorrectly believing nicotine causes cancer, Altria said in the communication, citing government research. Clearing up the drug’s health risks will be key to the agency reducing smoking because it will help convince cigarette users to switch to non-combustible options for nicotine, the company said. While there are at least 60 well established carcinogens in cigarette smoke, it’s been known for years that nicotine isn’t the direct cause of many of smoking’s ills.

The Saturday Age; 06/03/2021; Page 7​