Screening and Immunisation: New HPV test key to cancer elimination

19 Mar 2021 - Screening

A do-it-yourself test for human papillomavirus that an expert says resembles a ‘‘really long earbud’’ could reduce deaths from cervical cancer among those who do not have access to screening, particularly Indigenous women. Experts from the Cancer Council of NSW and the Australian National University are lobbying for self-testing to be expanded to women who either don’t live near testing or feel uncomfortable having an HPV test (previously known as a pap smear) by a clinician. Australia is tracking to become one of the first countries in the world to eliminate cervical cancer, which kills about 250 women a year. But testing rates are lagging among Indigenous women. ‘‘Elimination is not on track for Indigenous women across the globe,’’ ANU Associate Professor Lisa Whop, who is a Torres Strait Islander, said yesterday on Close the Gap Day. 

Sydney Morning Herald; 19/04/2021; Page 14