Occupational and Environmental: Over my dead body!

15 Mar 2021 - Environment

A former employee is suing the University of South Australia for unfair dismissal, claiming he was fired after complaining about high levels of chemicals leaching from preserved bodies in the anatomy department. Mr Parry’s lawsuit is for compensation for unfair dismissal, claiming he was fired from his temporary contract position over fears about formaldehyde contamination. Formaldehyde, a fungicide and germicide, is used in mortuaries and medical laboratories to preserve bodies. The US National Cancer Institute also has formaldehyde listed as a carcinogen, with research linking the chemical to leukaemia and rare types of nasal cancer. Mr Parry tendered a report to the court that, he said, showed higher-than average levels of the chemical was found in the lab when cabinets were being opened. Mr Parry said he raised concerns at a meeting, indicating protective equipment workers were provided was not enough to be protected from the chemical.

Sunday Mail Adelaide; 14/03/2021; Page 7