Medical and Scientific: Vaccine myth-buster team targets ‘celebrity’

01 Mar 2021 - Medical and Scientific

A team of “mythbusters” is taking on anti-vaxxer celebrities and influencers over spreading fake facts about COVID-19 on social media. The 30-strong team was quietly set up within the Department of Home Affairs last year to tackle fake facts peddled by high profile Australians such as chef Pete Evans and actor Isabel Lucas, and COVID “cures” promoted by the likes of rebel former Liberal MP Craig Kelly. The team of experts is now shifting its focus to some of the bizarre conspiracy theories and “fake facts” about the vaccine, amid concerns public hesitancy will lead to lower take-up rates. And, to further help the public untangle vaccination facts from fiction, the Health Department is also setting up a dedicated mythbuster website, which will be embedded in its vaccine hub website.

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