Medical and Scientific: Three little pigs tactic in cancer battle

24 Mar 2021 - Medical and Scientific

Strong walls are not just vital in building – it seems they may play a role in stopping the spread of cancer. Breakthrough research by the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) has found stiff lipids can help stop cancer spreading. Lipids are the building blocks of cells, forming the walls. SAHMRI researchers, using live tumours hot out of surgery from next door at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, have discovered a gene which makes lipids floppy – turning off the gene to stiffen the lipids appears to help stop cancer spreading. “We discovered that if these walls are loose and floppy, it is easy for cancer to spread through the body, and that’s the lethal stage,” said Associate Professor Lisa Butler, who leads SAHMRI’s Prostate Cancer Group. “We have found a factor to make them quite stiff and, in models, that has stopped the cancer spreading.”

Adelaide Advertiser; 24/04/2021; Page 20