Medical and Scientific: Patients are dying when there is the technology to save them

15 Mar 2021 - Medical and Scientific

More than 30,000 people with advanced cancer are being denied access to cutting-edge genomic screening that can match their cancer to targeted drugs that will extend or even save their lives. While a funded trial is under way at the Garvan Institute, patients are paying $10,000 for the molecular testing to find out what medications may buy them more time. The advances and clinical treatments offer hope but too few have access according to Richard Vines, co-chair of the National Oncology Alliance. “For patients who have advanced cancer, right now the only way for those people getting tested is through clinical trials like the MoST (Molecular Screening and Therapeutics) trial which is maybe doing 1000-1500 people a year and all the rest have to pay,” he said.

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