Medical and Scientific: High rural cancer risk

17 Mar 2021 - Medical and Scientific

Men face an “unacceptable” 24 per cent higher than average risk of dying from prostate cancer in some parts of Australia, a damning new online calculator has revealed. The STARGATE tool developed by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia shows men’s fear of going to the doctor and poor access to health services in rural areas is a killer. Men living in the Queensland outback, Ballarat and Darwin face the highest death rates from the cancer, which kills nine men every day in Australia. The huge survival gap in towns including Ballarat showed that some men were not getting access to quality diagnosis and treatment, Prostate Cancer Foundation CEO Jeff Dunn said. “This is a call to action. It shows the need for the federal government to spend $2m on new, up-to-date clinical guidelines for prostate cancer testing.”

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