Medical and Scientific: AI breakthrough in brain cancer diagnosis

18 Mar 2021 - Medical and Scientific

The treatment and diagnosis of brain cancer is being revolutionised by Australian researchers using artificial intelligence to take more accurate images of the brain, in the hopes it will speed up diagnosis and eliminate unnecessary surgery. Royal Australian College of Surgeons fellow Antonio Di Ieva and his team at Sydney’s Macquarie University are the first in the country to use the technology and a magnetic resonance technique called 2HG-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy. The technologies analyse surgical samples and identify a genetic mutation that allows doctors to confirm the diagnosis of the type of glioma — the most common primary brain tumours. The mutation, which can be identified only by performing a brain tumour biopsy, allows doctors to determine whether a patient has “long or short” survival prospects.

The Australian; 18/03/2021; Page 3