Occupation and Environmental: School parents alarmed at sewage plant toxic leak

01 Feb 2021 - Environment

Parents at a Gold Coast school subject to a cancer cluster investigation say they are concerned about a chemical leak of a now banned substance less than 2km away. A probe was launched in September after per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) were detected at Elanora Sewage Treatment Plant, on the same road as St Andrews College, at which the Public Health Unit is investigating an alleged cancer cluster. Parents said they want to be sure PFAS had not been detected in the soil at the school. “We want to rule out if there is any link at all,” a mother said. “There are definitely concerns because we know this chemical can leak into the groundwater. Our focus is to have all the information, not to just rule things out.”

Courier Mail; 30/01/2021; Page 7