Medical and Scientific: ‘Horrific’ hospital allegations must be addressed: Barilaro

05 Feb 2021 - Medical and Scientific

Deputy Premier John Barilaro has described allegations in the Herald about the state of regional hospitals in NSW as ‘‘horrific’’. Mr Barilaro said some of the reports, which included allegations that public health officials were covering up and failing to investigate preventable deaths, were so disturbing they warranted immediate investigation by the Health Department and could not wait for an upcoming parliamentary inquiry. The inquiry will hold a public hearing in March but submissions have already told of wards that look like they’ve been hit by tornadoes, hospitals requesting patients bring their own bandages and doctors trying to mend broken bones over video link. One man told the inquiry his cancer went undiagnosed for 15 months while he awaited an urgent colonoscopy, while a 92-year-old man was allegedly sent home from hospital with a broken neck.

Sydney Morning Herald; 05/02/2021; Page 4