Medical and Scientific: Clinical trials a dose of hope

24 Feb 2021 - Medical and Scientific

Perth haematologist Professor Chan Cheah is a leader in the Blood Cancer Research Western Australia 2016 collaboration, which continues to run multiple clinical trials for WA blood cancer patients at three sites in Nedlands. For many people, experimental drugs offer hope when conventional treatments such as chemotherapy have failed. “When chemotherapy doesn’t work, we are essentially either looking for new treatments or clinical trials, which is the best way to get new treatments in order to keep these people alive or have them live longer.” Last year alone, 17,321 Australians were diagnosed with a blood cancer such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma. Blood cancers combined are the second most diagnosed cancers in Australia and the second highest cause of cancer-related deaths.

West Australian; 24/02/2021; Page 7