Obesity, Nutrition and Physical Activity: Stop the sugar-coating

19 Jan 2021 - Obesity

The lack of clear and accurate labelling on children’s food products has stymied parents’ choices for decades. In choosing what they take to be the “healthy choice”, parents have unwittingly fed their children highly processed foods rich in added sugar. A new study, published in Appetite journal, detailing the extent of misleading labels only reiterates the need for greater safeguards. Deakin University researchers have found some toddler milk has nearly twice the sugar of cows’ milk and nearly as much sugar as a can of Fanta. Jennifer McCann, of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition, found eight out of 10 toddler products were sweetened snacks and 85 per cent were ultraprocessed. Most had more fat, sugar carbohydrates and protein than normal foods. They do not serve the health of growing children.

Herald Sun; 19/01/2021; Adelaide Advertiser’ 19/01/2021; Page 15