Medical and Scientific: Strong demand for specialist nurses to fill worker shortfall

18 Jan 2021 - Medical and Scientific

New training opportunities are regularly being introduced for nurses, amid severe worker shortages in every area of speciality. Australian College of Nursing chief executive Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward says the shortage of specialist nurses comes despite an oversupply of nursing graduates. She believes too much emphasis is placed on undergraduate nursing qualifications at the expense of continual learning and development. McGrath Foundation chief executive Holly Masters says there is a dire shortage of breast cancer nurses. Before COVID-19, the foundation estimated an extra 107 breast care nurses – more than two-thirds of the current workforce – were needed to meet demand. The number is now expected to be much greater as the pandemic forced the closure of breast screening clinics around the country, leading to crucial delays in detection and treatment. says continual improvements in treatment means ongoing training is essential for breast care nurses.

Courier Mail; 16/01/2021; Page 4