Medical and Scientific: Short drive takes an age: vast differences in city’s life spans

27 Jan 2021 - Medical and Scientific

Despite just 25 minutes travel time between Bidwill and Cherrybrook, there’s a yawning gap between those two Sydney neighbourhoods on the most basic of indicators: lifespan. In Bidwill’s local public health area the median age of death was 69 years between 2014 and 2018, analysis by the Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU) at Torrens University shows. But in Cherrybrook the figure was 88 years. That 19-year longevity gap is emblematic of striking disparities in health and economic welfare across relatively small distances in Greater Sydney. Virtually all Sydney suburbs with a median death age between 86 and 88 years – the highest band of longevity – were in wealthy areas to the city’s north and east. However, three quarters of districts with the lowest longevity – those with a median death age of between 69 and 72 years – were in less wealthy parts of west and south western Sydney.

Sydney Morning Herald; 27/01/2021; Page 1