Medical and Scientific: Precious medical breakthrough

18 Jan 2021 - Medical and Scientific

Researchers are “exhilarated” that the new and unconventional use of the tiniest diamonds to measure heat in living cells could lead to better diagnostic tools and thermal therapies for cancer. Australian scientists have been involved in the medical breakthrough using the precious stones. Associate Professor Taras Plakhotnik, from The University of Queensland’s School of Mathematics and Physics, in collaboration with Osaka University and National University of Singapore coated the diamonds with a heat-releasing polymer. “This is a significant breakthrough since, even though the cell is the fundamental unit of all living organisms, some of its physical properties have remained difficult to study,” Dr Plakhotnik said. “We found that the rate of heat diffusion in cells, as measured in our experiments, was several times slower than in pure water,” the researcher added.

Herald Sun; 16/01/2021; Page 40​