Current activities

The group are currently collaborating with the Survivorship, Exercise, Complementary and Integrative Therapies and Psycho-oncology groups in a joint CPD event at the 2015 annual conference in Hobart.

The Nutrition Group are actively involved in the Victorian Department of Health funded Investigating malnutrition in Victorian cancer services(VCS) project with members in key leadership or stakeholder  roles within this project. The malnutrition in VCS project has completed two phases. Phase I involved a Victorian statewide cancer malnutrition point prevalence study, clinician and organisational surveys of cancer malnutrition awareness and governance. Phase II included a repeat point prevalence study, development of a cancer malnutrition e-learning package aimed a multidisciplinary cancer clinicians, a governance toolkit and 15 local Victorian health services improvement projects. Phase III of this project is planned for late 2015.

Past activities

Evidence based guidelines for head and neck cancer

The Nutrition Group’s first major project was the development of evidence-based nutrition guidelines for patients with head and neck cancer. Ms Merran Findlay and A/Professor Judy Bauer secured an $80,000 grant from the Cancer Institute NSW to fund the project. The final evidence based practice guidelines for the nutritional management of adult patients with head and neck cancer are available on the COSA wiki.

CPD events

The Nutrition Group have held two successful workshops funded by Clinical Professional Day Grants at the 2011 and 2014 annual scientific meetings in Perth and Melbourne, respectively. The 2011 workshop focused on implementing the evidence based guidelines for nutritional management of head and neck cancer. The 2011 report can be downloaded here. The 2014 workshop highlighted the work of the Victorian Department of Health funded Investigating malnutrition in Victorian cancer services project. The 2014 report can be downloaded here.