Geriatric Oncology webinar series

COSA's Geriatric Oncology Group is proud to have collaborated with CNSA's Cancer in the Older Person Specialist Practice Network to deliver a geriatric oncology-focused webinar series. 

  • 10 August 2021 - Older persons with cancer: The Older and Wiser study - access recording here (member only content)
  • 24 August 2021 - Screening & assessment: Screening tools and identifying frailty in older adults - access recording here (member only content)
  • 14 September 2021 - The value of the multidisciplinary team in caring for the older person with cancer - access recording here (member only content) 
  • 19 October 2021 - Immunotherapy in older adult - access recording here (member only content)
  • 26 October 2021 - Optimising medicine - access recording here (member only content)
Webinars were led by recognised leaders in geriatric oncology whose expertise will increase knowledge and provide practical guidance to enhance the critical skills required to advance care and improve outcomes for older adults affected by cancer.
The webinars are free to view for to COSA and CNSA members and each webinar is recognised as providing one hour of continuing professional development (CPD). 


Group update - December 2021

We were very pleased to be involved with another geriatric oncology breakfast session at the 2021 COSA ASM – Enhancing geriatric care in the lung cancer MDT. Meera Agar, Polly Dufton, Divyanshu Dua, and Heather Lane discussed the impact of geriatrician involvement in the MDT on outcomes for patients with stage III unresectable NSCLC, shared their perspective on what best practice looks like when caring for geriatric patients, and shared insights into treatment and management considerations for the geriatric patient. If you registered for the 2021 COSA ASM you can access a recording of this session for the next 12 months.

Guideline Development 
The Geriatric Oncology Guidelines Development Working Group is working to develop guidelines/practice points to help improve the clinical management of older adults with cancer in Australia. The guidelines will aim to provide Australian health professionals with access to an overview of recommended practices to optimise older adults cancer care experiences and outcomes. They will focus on the practices required to ensure that older people newly diagnosed with cancer have access to optimal cancer care, experience minimal side-effects and that they and their carers have access to the care and support that they require to optimise their cancer treatment.

We are drawing upon the skills, interests and expertise of COSA members throughout the development process. We are pleased with the level of engagement from a broad range of interdisciplinary clinicians from across Australia. Guidelines in progress include screening older adults for geriatric assessment, and guidelines for referring older adults with cancer for systemic anti-cancer therapy, surgery, and radiotherapy. If you would like to get involved and provide clinical input to this work or contribute to a paper, please get in touch.

GOEER – Geriatric Oncology Emerging Experts & Researchers
We are very pleased to provide a brief introduction to the GOEER working group, led by Michael Krasovitsky. GOEER is drawing together an interdisciplinary range of ‘emerging experts and researchers’ from across Australia with an interest in geriatric oncology. They are investigating a range of projects and options to take forward, and are now linked with our GO Group. This initiative is in its early days, and we look forward to sharing more as plans develop, including details about opportunities to get involved with their work.

GO Survey and plans for 2022
We have been undertaking an environmental scan over the last few months to help us understand the landscape of geriatric oncology initiatives across the country - please complete this survey if you would like to help us build this data:  We hope this information will help us to offer more tailored opportunities to meet the needs of both emerging and more established geriatric oncology services, connect like-minded people who want to improve care and outcomes for older adults affected by cancer, and build a community of practice in geriatric oncology

Research Concept Development 
With a view of building geriatric oncology information and working towards a community of practice, we also think it could be timely to reactivate our research concept development project. This initiative was very successful several years ago, and helped us develop research capacity and collaborative networks. Clinicians and researchers submitted a synopsis of a clinical study they wanted to develop or test, and then workshops-by-teleconference were convened as a forum to provide mentorship, capacity building and collaborative peer review. We will be considering this experience and how we might adapt this process to provide opportunities for our members in the coming year.

The Geriatric Oncology Research Working Group has been established to develop research capacity, collaborative networks and strategic direction to increase the quality and quantity of geriatric oncology research in Australia.

To support this, the Working Group has developed a research concept development initiative, whereby "workshops-by-teleconference" are convened as a forum to provide mentorship, capacity building and collaborative peer review. The teleconference 'workshop' format has proved to work well and facilitate a good spirit of conversation and peer support, resulting in practical and tangible feedback. Participants agreed it was valuable talking amongst colleagues with similar interests, to hear about what others were doing, and to learn of potential future opportunities to collaborate.

The Research Concept Development Process
The research concept application template is provided here for reference. 

Clinicians and researchers submit a synopsis of a clinical study they would like to develop or are in the process of testing.  Proposals are provided to experts for independent review and selected applicants will be invited to join a workshop-style teleconference.  At the teleconference applicants have the opportunity to present and discuss their studies with reviewers, who provide input to help refine each concept into a feasible research proposal. 

Information sharing 
You will receive information about this Group's activities if you have selected Geriatric Oncology as a Group or Area of Interest under your COSA membership profile.

If you would like to get involved with Group activities, or contribute information about your research, publications or activities to a future issue of GO eNews, please contact