Organisation of the COSA Familial Cancer Clinics (FCC) Clinical Professional Day

Tuesday 25th August 2015, at the Mantra Resort, Kingscliff, NSW

This meeting was held in association with the Familial Cancer Research and PracticeMeeting – a combined meeting of kConfab, Australian Breast Cancer Family Study, Australian Colorectal Cancer Family Study, Australian Ovarian Cancer Study and the Familial Cancer Clinics of Australia and New Zealand (Aug 26-28). 

Sessions at the FCC CPD included:

  • Chemoprevention/risk-reducing medication for patients at increased of cancer
  • Genomic issues in Genetic Counselling
  • Next-generation Sequencing and uncertainty
  • Surgical Prevention of Breast Cancer.

The FCC CPD always proves to be an informative and clinically relevant meeting to those working in the area of Familial Cancer.  However, all COSA members are welcome to attend.

Contribution of Familial Cancer topics and speakers to the COSA/ANZBCTG ASM held later this year on the Gold Coast

Developing and actioning a national consensus for routine immunohistochemistry (IHC) for mismatch repair (MMR) proteins in colorectal cancer to detect Lynch syndrome 

Development of prescribing guides for the medical prevention of cancer
Draft prescribing guidelines: Medications to reduce the risk of familial breast cancer  (pdf, 59kb)

Assisting Cancer Council of Australia to update their online resources for Familial Cancer