2020 Clinical Professional Day 
Teletrials the New Norm?

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The COVID-19 crisis has been a challenging time for everyone involved in clinical trials research. Trials provide patients with the opportunity to access new treatments, therapies and technologies. New approaches to trial management have never been more important. Tele-oncology models of care have improved the delivery of specialist health care to rural and regional patients. Teletrials are an innovative patient centred model of care that builds on existing tele-oncology models. Teletrials aim to develop collaboration and networking between regional/rural and metropolitan centres, and between tertiary centres within the same metropolitan setting, to enhance engagement in research activity, increase patient recruitment, reduce disparity in cancer outcomes for geographically dispersed populations, build clinical trial capacity and provide trial related training. 

The concept and uptake of Teletrials is gathering momentum. Sharing strategies on how Teletrials can be implemented is an important step towards the routine inclusion of Teletrials in a site research portfolio.

Date: Tuesday 10 November 2020 
Time: 8:45am - 5:00pm
Location: Icon Head Office, Cordelia Street, Brisbane & Online.

Rebecca Clarke, Ryan Clarke, Annette Cubitt, Jacqui Dixon, Chantal Gebbie, Cheryl-Ann Hawkins, Taylor Major, Sue Jenkins-Marsh, Sophie Mepham, Kathryn Monaghan, Berni Morris-Smith, Darren Nicholls, Pip Palmer, Melanie Poxton, Michael Rayner, Sue Richmond, Natasha Roberts, Sabe Sabesan, Delaine Smith, Adam Stoneley, Darshit Thaker, Craig Underhill, Mark Voskoboynik, Elizabeth Wilson and Anne Woollett

Chairperson: Annette Cubitt, Chair, COSA Clinical Trials Research Professionals Group