The Group’s key activities for 2017-2018 include:

  • Extending the reach of the Group’s educational and professional development activities through a regular webinar series on care coordination issues 
  • Advocating for matters affecting cancer service delivery, policy and care by continuing to build on the opportunities presented by the release of the Cancer Care Coordinator Position Statement
  • Facilitating communication and information sharing amongst cancer care coordinators
  • Exploring the implications for cancer care coordinators related to the changing environment 

The Coordinator e-newsletter 
COSA distributes The Coordinator to group members, as well as non-members listed on the National Contact Database. Group members are encouraged to submit information on their research, projects, events and publications to

Information sharing 
You will receive information about this Group's activities if you have selected Cancer Care Coordination as a Group or Area of Interest under your COSA membership profile. If you would like to get involved with Group activities, or contribute information about your research, publications or activities to a future issue of The Coordinator, please contact 

The COSA Cancer Care Coordinator National Contacts Database 
The Group established the COSA Cancer Care Coordinator National Contacts Database to provide opportunities for networking and sharing of information between Cancer Care Coordinators across Australia. The database also assists Cancer Care Coordinators with transferring patients regionally or interstate. 

Information on the database is available to COSA Members only. Cancer Care Coordinators who wish to gain access to the database are encouraged to join COSA.

To have your contact details included in the database you must:

  • hold an appointment as a cancer care coordinator
  • incorporate the critical functions of assessment, management, and evaluation of clinical and supportive care needs throughout the cancer journey

If your details have changed or you would like us to include your details on the database please fill in the form available here and submit to

By entering your contact details, you agree for this information to be available to COSA members via the COSA website. All contacts receive The Coordinator newsletter. COSA will contact all Cancer Care Coordinators with details on the database annually for confirmation and consent to remain on the database.