Previous Recipients


Broadcast Award: Karen O'Sullivan, Channel 7 News for 'Cold Comfort'

Broadcast Hightly Commended: Sophie Scott, ABC Online for her report on Ovarian cancer misdiagnosed by a doctor

Print Winner: Jill Margo, The Weekend Financial Review for 'Big Chill: How the tiny prostate is causing men huge dilemmas'

Print Highly Commended: Michael Slezak, New Scientist for 'The Making of a Monster'


Broadcast Award: Norman Swan, Tonic TV for ‘Ovarian Cancer

Broadcast Highly Commended: Peggy Giakoumelos, SBS Radio for ‘Play tackles cancer taboo

Print Winner: Michael Slezak, New Scientist for ‘Fighting Cancer Darwin's Way

Print Highly Commended: Daniel Williams, Men’s Health Magazine for ‘One pill to rule them all’


Print Award: Janelle Miles for “Genetic hope for cancer” and Trial targets pancreas cancer published in the Courier Mail, Queensland

Broadcast Award: Sophie Scott for a series of stories on Cancer Breakthroughs aired on the ABC


Print Award: Daniel Williams for Big C or Little C published in Men’s Health

Broadcast Award: Karen O’Sullivan for her news story “A second chance” aired on Channel 7 News


Print Award: Julie Robotham for her story Keen Edge of Cancer published in the Sydney Morning Herald

Broadcast Award: Suzanne Smith for her story Cancer gene patents spark US legal debate aired on ABC Lateline


Print Award:  Gregory Bourne for his story That Old Chestnut published in Men's Health

Broadcast Award: Sophie Scott for her report “Doubt over prostate cancer test” aired on ABC News


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