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  • DATE 29 Jun 2022

Australian and New Zealand Head and Neck Cancer Society

June 2022

The Society is back into the real world again! Come and join us for our meeting on the Gold Coast in August 2022 on the theme Evolving Paradigms in Head and Neck Cancer: Escalation, De-escalation and Everything in Between.

Like so many other groups many of our activities were set into complete disarray by the pandemic and its flow on effects. Our usual celebration of World Head and Neck Cancer Day on July 27 has been in complete abeyance and only just threatening to crawl out from under the covers now.

We had no meeting in 2020, put our foot back into the water with our planned meeting of 2020 running in 2021 with a significant virtual component, and are now in the swing of things with a joint real-virtual meeting in August 2022.

The meeting is the most important and largest item in our calendar, as it is for many other groups. This year promises to be an excellent one. As has been the case for many years there is emphasis on multidisciplinarity (one of the key principles of the Society). For those who might not be familiar with the scope of the meeting it will cover broad topics of

Rehabilitation of facial paralysis, swallowing, reconstructive surgery

Approaches to post-operative nutrition, impact on functional outcomes

The impact of location on cancer service delivery in a complex multi-disciplinary set of diseases

De-intensification, swallowing sparing, nursing care

Meet and talk with the authors of key trials in oropharynx cancer

Nasopharynx, skull base tumours, HPV related oropharynx, salivary gland cancer, skin cancer

We hope that this meeting will be of interest to many members of COSA as it covers a wide variety of approaches and is of potential interest to many of the multidisciplinary members of this organization. Hope to see you there.

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