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Insights and perspectives on the financial burden of cancer from cancer care coordinators and social workers


Cancer Care Coordination

 Pending report from researcher


Physical activity during cancer treatment: What Australian Cancer Health Professionals Think


All members

Poster Abstract - 2017 COSA ASM (PDF, 85kb)


Treating cancer in non-metropolitan areas: exploring experiences and perceived needs for patient and practitioner support with Australian rural/regional health professionals.


Regional & Rural

Study outcomes - summary provided (PDF, 9kb)


Exploring current data management plans within clinical research trials


Administration/ Management
Clinical Trial Research Professionals

Exploring current data management plans within clinical research trials - COSA results (PDF, 118kb)



Clinicians’ perceptions of assessing pain in patients with delirium: a qualitative study


All members

No results provided


Knowledge, attitudes and practice of oncologists in promoting physical activity to cancer survivors - an international survey


Advanced Trainees
Medical Oncologists
Radiation Oncologists
Radiation Therapists


Pending manuscript from researcher



Mapping Cancer Care Coordinators

Victorian members

Research Project Summary - Mapping Cancer Care Coordinators in Victoria (PDF, 91kb)



The clinical utility of a diagnosis of demoralisation 

Medical Oncologists
Palliative Care Physicians
Psycho Oncologists
Social Workers


No results provided


The STEP Survey

All COSA Groups except Biobanking
Cancer Biology
Developing Nations 


Oncology practitioners’ perspectives and practice patterns of post-treatment cancer survivorship care in the Asia-Pacific region: results from the STEP study (PDF, 401kb)
Letter of acknowledgement (PDF, 273kb)



Chemotherapy services in South Australia


SA members

No results provided


Tobacco Cessation Support Survey

All members

Ceasing smoking at or after a cancer diagnosis improves prognosis, including lower mortality and risk of second smoking-related primary cancers. This positive impact of quitting smoking has led the Cancer Council NSW and the Cancer Institute NSW to investigate how Australian cancer clinicians provide tobacco cessation support to their patients and the barriers they face in doing so. At the end of 2015, a survey on tobacco cessation support for cancer patients was distributed to COSA members with additional survey promotion and distribution to occur in 2016. Results will inform future initiatives to assist cancer clinicians in providing tobacco cessation support.



Medicines Access Programs

All members

Project Report - Exploring the extent and scope of Medicines Access Programs to cancer medicines in Australia and New Zealand (PDF, 103kb)



Delphi Survey

All members

The Delphi study is still ongoing. We had an overwhelming response for survey #1 and it took a bit longer to analyse the results than originally anticipated. Survey #2 will be sent to participants as of next week. Overall, we had 60 caregivers, 102 clinicians, 64 researchers, and 24 managers participate in round 1. We plan to have the study completed by August at the latest.



Clinicians’ attitudes towards the use of aspirin as a riskreducing medication (RRM) specifically in people with Lynch syndrome with no personal history of
colorectal cancer (i.e. mutation carriers)


Gastrointestinal Cancer
Surgical Oncologists
Cancer Pharmacists 

No results provided


Spiritual care in cancer treatment: perceptions and attitudes of medical professionals in practice and in training


All members

No results provided


Attitudes to prescribing risk reduction medications

Surgical Oncologists
Medical Oncologists
Radiation Oncologists


No results provided


Breast cancer related lymphedema


Breast Cancer

No results provided